Video: Visiting the Hackshop Garage workshop!

In this special episode of Carnage, we meet up with the boys from Hackshop Garage

Videographers: Matt Hull

For this episode of Carnage, Scotty decided to have a change of pace and visit someone else’s workshop, as he takes up an invitation for a tour of the Hackshop Garage shed.

Hackshop Garage is a kick-arse YouTube series filmed out of Michael Ludviksen’s shed in the western suburbs of Melbourne with his sidekick Nathan Camilleri, as they work on a variety of cool cars.

The channel was born in early 2020, when Nathan wanted to rebuild the engine in his turbocharged Ford Fairlane to take on Drag Challenge. We did a full story on the car, which you can read here, and we can’t wait to see the the Fairlane back at Drag Challenge in just a few weeks, 25-29 October.

As well as the ’Lane, the boys also worked on Michael’s HQ sedan and Sandman panel van, as well as undertaking two LS swaps on Nathan’s dad’s HQ Kingswood and a BMW E30 coupe. Couple that with an XY Falcon they’re piecing together, the GQ Patrols they go four-wheeling in, a VY SS ute they’re in the middle of turbocharging for Michael’s brother, and a few more projects, and it’s clear the boys have plenty on the go!

Make sure you check out the boys’ Hackshop Garage YouTube channel, grab some merch from their website, and let us know if you’d like to see a collab with the lads in the future.