Video: Upgrading the fuel system on Supermang!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty beefs up the fuel system in our VN Commodore

Photographers: Matt Hull
Videographers: Matt Hull

The hunt for more power from our L67-swapped VN Commodore continues, with Scotty hooking into some fuel system upgrades for Supermang.

Late last year, Scotty gave Supermang a good thrashing at the track in the (unsuccessful) pursuit of a 12-second PB, and one issue we noticed was a slightly inconsistent fuel supply at full noise.

Up until now, the VN has only had a basic drop-in Raceworks fuel pump. It’s far better than the original pump, but its smaller size was finally becoming an issue, as was the standard fuel regulator.

So to fix that, Scotty had the boys at Raceworks ship him out a bigger Walbro 460 pump, and also sourced an adjustable regulator to replace the original 3.5-bar unit.

The fuel pump swap was a relatively easy deal, with the Walbro fitting into the original VN in-tank cradle with some minor tweaks.

The fuel regulator was looking like a home run too, until Scotty learned that while it fit in the hole on the L67 fuel rail, there was no room for circlip pliers to get in there and seal the deal.

So the trusty Ryobi massager had to come out, with Scotty carefully cutting away a small section on the L67 fuel line hardware to allow room for the pliers. The trick worked, and there was even enough room left over for a Raceworks fuel gauge to help set the pressure on the adjustable reg.

With it all buttoned up, Scotty hit the key and adjusted the pressure to suit the increased flow. We’re planning on racing Supermang at the Holden Nationals at Heathcote Park Raceway on 26-27 February, with intercooler and diff upgrades all planned before then – so keep your eyes out for episodes on those soon!