Video: The Valiant ute goes back to the dyno!

Scotty takes the 318-swapped VE Valiant ute back to the dyno in the hunt for horsepower!

Photographers: Matt Hull
Videographers: Matt Hull

It’s redemption day for the VE Valiant ute, as Scotty heads back to the dyno to see how much power the gutsy little 318 Mopar can squeeze out.

Last time, the boys didn’t even get a run on the board on the Maxx Performance hub dyno before the tailshaft’s rear uni let go, taking the dyno’s retarder with it.

Scotty took the original tailshaft to the best in the business at GJ Drivelines, who quickly confirmed that the shaft was also bent along with the destroyed uni.

They whipped us up a fresh tube with a new set of unis in no time, so we won’t have to worry about any future failures.

With that slotted back in, we headed back down to see the Maxx team, who very generously squeezed us into their super-busy schedule, this time on the roller dyno.

Due to the old-school nature of the Valiant’s carby, distributor and (therefore) lack of ECU, Scotty was on the tuning duties while Zane Heath (chief tuner at Maxx Performance) ran the dyno side of things.

An initial run revealed a figure of 216rwhp, before Scotty started fiddling with metering rods and jet changes to the carby.

That, combined with some advanced timing and a bit more fiddling, resulted in a final figure of 258rwhp. That calculates to around 350-ish horsepower at the crank, which is not too shy of Scotty’s original goal of 400hp at the fly – and a damn sight more than what the VE had stock!

The next goals for the Valiant will be Victorian registration and some time down the strip. However, with Christmas fast approaching and Street Machine Summernats shortly afterwards, odds are the Valiant will have to wait until the New Year to get some attention. But never fear! We promise you will see it again in future episodes of Carnage.