Video: The Trolvo smashes out a new PB!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty has a good day out in our 1JZ-swapped Volvo 240

Photographers: Chris Thorogood
Videographers: Matt Hull

The Trolvo is back in the latest episode of Carnage, with Scotty taking yet another trip up to regional Victoria’s Heathcote Park Raceway in the hunt for some more pace.

The last time we raced the Trolvo was at King of the Street 6 in 2021, where it ran a 10.95@124mph. A year later, we used the Friday test day at last weekend’s King of the Street 7 at Heathcote to get some more track time in the Swedish brick.

Even though the event was the same, the Trolvo is a very different beast a year later. The SBE 1JZ is still (somehow) soaking up all the abuse, but the top end copped a refresh late last year with some 272/282 Kelford cams. We also beefed up the fragile rear end with a new pair of axles and LSD centre from the Swedish Volvo wizards a GZ Racing, because that was a real point of weakness when we raced the car last time.

While the new camshafts gave us substantially more power at the same boost levels, it also meant we’d pretty much hit the limit of the GCG-built GTW3684R. Given that the turbo is a recycled unit from the twin-turbo LS set-up we originally had in our MX-5, we knew it wouldn’t be long until we maxed it out.

The car still punched out 531rwhp (395rwkW) with the snail handicap, so Scotty decided to send it at Heathcote as-is to see what it’d do before we look into a turbo upgrade.

The day started with a hiccup when a race against a Tesla Model S P100D had an anticlimactic ending after the Volvo’s transbrake wouldn’t release.

A wiring fault turned out to be the culprit, so with that quickly sorted, Scotty headed back out on track to chase down a new PB.

From there, the day went to plan, Scotty running a 10.50@129mph and then further improving to a 10.45@131mph, which is certainly moving!

While we could try and squeeze the current combo to within an inch of its life and find a smidge more time, the right play would be simply to upgrade the turbo, come back with a lot more juice left on the table and chase a nine – and that’s exactly what we’re going to do!