Video: The Trolvo’s first start with its new 1.5JZ!

In this episode of Carnage, the Trolvo lives again with its new heart!

Videographers: Matt Hull

This latest episode of Carnage sees the boys finish off the final assembly of the Trolvo’s new 1.5JZ engine, but you may notice another set of hands on the tools this time.

Unfortunately, Scotty’s right hand succumbed to a K9-related argument the other week. Luckily he’s on the mend, but as a result the doctor gave him a firm ‘nope’ when it came to wrenching on old Volvos.

As a result, our resident Carnage cameraman Matty Hull had to step in to do the bulk of the wrenching, under Scotty’s guidance. Matty is no stranger to working on cars, and some may be aware of his own YouTube channel The Nugget Project, which chronicles his adventures with his home-built Hyundai Excel race car. He also has a 1JZ Soarer he dearly loves, so wrenching on the Trolvo’s JZ was like second nature to him.

Before dropping the new engine in, the boys worked to bolt all the accessories, manifolds and the enlarged sump from Russell Oil Pans onto the mill. If you happened to miss the rest of the 1.5JZ build series, you can catch up right here.

With that done the engine was dropped in, and the AllFast turbo 400 ‘box bolted behind it. Because the 2JZ block is significantly taller than the old 1JZ, the boys did have to modify areas like the turbo oil drain and fuel lines to adapt to the added height.

With that done, Scotty hit the key and the budget 1.5JZ kicked into life. In a future episode the new combo will hit the dyno to see what power we can make, and then it’ll back to the track to chase a new Trolvo PB. But for now, enjoy the latest episode below.