Video: The Barra Mazda MX-5 runs an 8.7!

In this episode of Carnage, our Barra-swapped Mazda MX-5 sets a sweet new PB!

Photographers: Noah Thorley
Videographers: Matt Hull

This fresh Fryday episode of Carnage comes with some red-hot pace from our little MX-5, as Lightning McBarra sets a sweet new personal best time at Heathcote Park Raceway.

With both the Trolvo and VN failing in recent Carnage episodes, this was a win Scotty needed. Luckily, the Mazda was pretty much ready to be subbed in, so Scotty elected to take it to the Holden Nationals test day in lieu of the stricken VN.

The Mazda had already ran eights last year with an 8.87 @159mph, so Scotty’s aim was to improve on that as best he could. The Heathcote Park surface was on point all weekend for the Holden Nats, so Scotty was able set the Mazda to kill mode and go for it.

He did have a troublesome vacuum line that caused low boost issues on a few runs earlier in the day, but once he’d got that sorted, the car instantly turned in a pair of 8.7s that evening, the best coming in at an 8.72@160mph.

We have some sneaky plans to turn the Mazda up even more to see what this chassis can really do, but for now, enjoy this fresh episode of Carnage!