Video: The 1JZ-swapped Trolvo gets a new turbo!

In this episode of Carnage, we fit a new hairdryer to the Trolvo in the pursuit of nines!

Photographers: Matt Hull
Videographers: Matt Hull

More power is always a good thing, and in this fresh episode of Carnage that’s exactly what we’re hunting for as we aim for nines in our 1JZ-swapped Volvo 240 we call the Trolvo.

Avid viewers of the show will already know this thing is pretty quick, its PB to date sitting at a cool 10.45@131mph, which is certainly moving for an old Volvo!

One thing that has been holding the car back is the turbo, which has run out of puff on the current setup. It’s a GCG-built GTW3684R that was never designed for this combo, and was actually pinched from the old twin-turbo LS we originally had in our Mazda MX-5.

The stock bottom end 1JZ made 531rwhp (395rwkW) with that turbo choking up, so naturally the next step was to get a bigger snail.

Our new sponsors at VPW Australia sorted us out quick smart with a bolt-on solution, a Pulsar G35 1050. In the Pulsar world, that 1050 means it’s theoretically good for 1050hp, so we’ll have more than enough room to squeeze the 1JZ for all its got now.

VPW also sent us a new set of titanium exhaust manifold studs, which is a good upgrade for any performance machine. Unlike normal studs they won’t corrode and snap, and another neat tradeoff is how cool they look.

Bolting the new Pulsar turbo on was an easy job, with only some minor modification required for the intercooler piping and a new Proflow oil drain fitting to make it marry with the Trolvo.

The next job is to get it back on the dyno at Maxx Performance and update the tune in the Haltech Elite ECU, which you’ll see soon in a future episode of Carnage – and then we go hunting for nines!