Video: Should we put a Hemi in our Holden Torana?

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty explores the engine conversion options for our Torana project car

Videographers: Matt Hull

We’ve had our little 1974 TA Torana sitting in the back of the Carnage workshop for quite some time now, and it’s probably fair that we finally do something with it.

We purchased the Torana as a pretty basic roller, still rocking its terribly asthmatic four-banger. Obviously, we have no intentions of keeping that in there, but as for which engine we should stick in it instead, that’s been a topic of (at times heated) discussion in the SM office.

To add fuel to that fire, we’ve also had a Gen III 6.4-litre Hemi V8 that we sourced from ACM Parts floating around the workshop for a couple of years now, and the avid Carnage commenters are always on our case asking what car it will find itself being stuffed into.

So in this bonus episode of Carnage, Scotty ponders what engine we should put into the little Torana. Being a Mopar guy, it didn’t take much convincing for him to get the tape measure out and start seeing if the Hemi would easily squeeze between the TA’s chassis rails.

With some persuasion, it could fit, but until you get the death wheel out you’ll never know for sure. We’ve also got some left-over LS1s from the MX-5, one of which could make its way into the Torana if it’s not careful.

So, what engine do you think we should put in the TA? Let us know in the comments below!