Video: Installing a massive intercooler in the Lexcen

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty continues the mods to our sleeper Lexcen wagon with the addition of a sweet new intercooler

Videographers: Matt Hull

This freshly baked episode of Carnage sees Scotty continue to make some good progress on our 1UZ V8 Lexcen wagon project, mounting a sweet new Proflow intercooler and carrying out a few other odd jobs.

Initially, Scotty’s plan was to fit a manualised valvebody from one of the Trolvo’s old A340 gearboxes. However, once both pans were off, he discovered the 1UZ ’box is actually an A341, and parts aren’t easily interchangeable.

That’s put a pause on the transmission side of things while the correct valvebody comes in from the States. Once that arrives, we’ll be able to control the whole lot with Haltech’s new PRNDL shift controller, specifically designed for Toyota A340-style ’boxes.

With the transmission work on hold for the moment, Scotty moved on to the front end of the car. First, the engine came out so the driver’s-side rocker cover could be welded up after the incision made in last week’s episode. We also scored a nice new radiator from our friends at VPW, so Scotty gave that a quick test fit.

While he was there, he figured it was as good a time as any to fit the sweet Proflow intercooler. It’s a beefy unit at around four inches thick, but luckily this generation of Commodore can swallow a big ’cooler fairly easily.

A set of handmade mounts and some nutserts got the job done pretty quickly, and the intercooler fit under the front bar with no trimming, which is a rarity for installations like this.

Next week, we’ll crack into more Lexcen goodness, but for now, sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s episode of Carnage.