Video: Installing the 1UZ V8 into our Lexcen for the first time!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty finishes putting the 1UZ together before finally sticking it into our Lexcen!

Videographers: Matt Hull

This fresh episode of Carnage is a bloody good one (if we do say so ourselves), with some solid movement on our turbo 1UZ V8 Lexcen wagon project, as Scotty finishes off the engine before installing it in the car.

If you watched last week’s episode, you’ll know we would’ve already had the engine done had it not been for a bent timing belt tensioner bolt halting Scotty’s progress. Given it’s a very specific kind of bolt, Scotty did the smart thing and spent the time sourcing a genuine replacement item.

Unfortunately, the new bolt didn’t quite solve the issue, because when Scotty mocked it up on the engine, he found the tensioner was still a bit on the piss. He concluded that the thread in the oil pump for said bolt must’ve also been cooked, so it was back on the interwebs to find a replacement oil pump.

Fast-forward a week or so, and with a new pump in hand, Scotty finally got the tensioner bolted up and could get the rest of the timing gear on the engine.

The next job before sticking the engine in for its first mock-up was putting a sump back on the 1UZ. We needed a front sump to suit the Commodore subframe, but our 1UZ was originally mid-sump, so Scotty had to find a suitable Toyota front sump and move a few studs and the oil pick-up around to suit.

With all that done, it was time for the mock-up! To mount the engine, we grabbed some 1UZ-to-Commodore engine mounts from Castlemaine Rod Shop, which allow a straight bolt-in with a Commodore V8 K-frame.

While that meant we didn’t require any custom mounts, we did find an issue with the driver’s-side rocker cover hitting the brake booster. Right now, Scotty is exploring the options for how we get around that, which you’ll see in a future episode. But for now, kick back, relax and watch this week’s episode of Carnage.