New collectors for Project Supermang – Carnage Plus episode 78

Scotty breaks out the welder to fit some bigger collectors to our Pacemaker extractors for Project Supermang


IN THE last episode of our supercharged VN build dubbed ‘Project Supermang’, we got to work installing the L67 into its new home and test-fitting our shiny new Pacemaker headers.

While the headers fit like a dream, the standard two-inch collectors won’t be enough to let the supercharged V6 breathe to our power levels. Thankfully Pacemaker hooked us up with a pair of pre-bent three-inch collectors to suit, so after determining they’ll fit in the car, Scotty got to work installing them.

The process was fairly simple. With the help of some Ryobi power, Scotty cut off the old collectors and peeled back any excess metal. Then our awesome Hare & Forbes welder got a workout stitching the new collectors on, along with a pair of O2 sensor bungs and three-inch exhaust flanges.

With the headers being one of the major obstacles for this build, we can now focus our attention on finishing off all the plumbing and wiring to get this thing fired up and manging hard – which you’ll see in future episodes real soon.