Haltech Delivery for Lexcen – Carnage Plus EP102

Scotty dives into a box of goodies for our Toyota Lexcen 1UZ project


WE love using Haltech gear for our Carnage projects, so it should come as no surprise that we’ve chosen them to help out with our latest build where we plan to swap a 1UZ V8 into our Toyota Lexcen wagon.
Scotty spent some time cherry picking all the bits and bobs we’d need from the Haltech catalogue, which includes: the top of the line Elite 2500 ECU, IC-7 dash, twin wideband oxygen sensor controllers and a flex fuel sensor.

The flex fuel sensor will allow us to run the Lexcen on both E85 and PULP 98, with the sensor adjusting the tune in the ECU to compensate for the mix of E85 and/or 98 in the system to keep things safe and fast.

The reason we opted to go flex fuel on the Lexcen and not straight E85 is simple; Drag Challenge. We intend to run the things at this year’s sellout event, but getting E85 on the long cruise routes between tracks would probably prove to be very difficult.

The flexibility of being able to safely run the car on the more readily available PULP 98 should get is out of trouble in a pinch between E85 pumps.
We’d love to get stuck into the project right now, but there’s still a bunch of other jobs to be done first. Both the Trolvo and Supermang VN need their engines put together, before we pull apart both the Lexcen and the Soarer doner car.

So don’t worry, more Lexcen content will be coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled to our socials for updates and new Carnage and Carnage Plus episodes every week.