Video: 400hp 318 build part two

On this episode of Carnage, Scotty continues the build on his 318ci Chrysler small-block V8

Photographers: Matt Hull

A FIFTH Victorian lockdown was not enough to stop Scotty from getting into the workshop to continue building the 318 for his dad’s VE Valiant ute. But, as per usual, it didn’t quite go to plan.

Things started off well. With the crank, rod and pistons already bolted with some ARP gear, Scotty set about putting in the camshaft and the timing gear. Edelbrock has sorted us out with a bunch of killer gear for this little Mopar, including one of their Performer RPM hydraulic flat-tappet cams along with the timing chain kit to suit.

Those went on and into the 318 with ease, but that’s when the headaches started. Scotty ordered a Milodon windage tray and sump for the engine, which turned out to be a complete nightmare to fit, especially the sump. After spending half the day cutting, grinding, filing, heating, bending and swearing, the sump only just fit.

Then George Haddad from Russell Oil Pans hit Scotty up and told him to stop messing around and come and grab one of their pans. Not only does it have an increased capacity, but all that was needed to make it fit was a small hole to clear the stud Scotty added for the windage tray. Sweet!

Scotty also gave the block a coat of classic Hemi orange, because that’s mandatory for any big-horsepower Mopar build.

The Victorian lockdown still hampered progress, with retail being closed for walk-in business, but next episode should be the finale of building this beaut little Mopar and then Scotty can finally dump it into the Val – so stay tuned!