Carnage Plus Episode Ten – Old V8 Supercars at Glenlyon Motors

Checking out some old school muscle cars at Glenlyon Motors


INNER-city workshops are pretty rare these days; most of them have been turned into hipster cafes and bars. But Glenlyon Motors in Brunswick has stood the test of time and hides some of the coolest classic and muscle cars you’ll find anywhere in Melbourne. We recently took a trip out there to film a ’67 Camaro getting four-linked and tubbed, but while we were there we figured we’d do a walk-around and show you some of the goodies inside this awesome workshop.

One of the coolest projects that Mick and the crew are working on is an HQ Monaro that the owner hopes will clean up at MotorEx in a few years. They’ve done a full custom chassis to go under it, and the motor will be an old small-block Chev out of a V8 Supercar complete with magnesium crossram intakes. It’ll be a serious bit of gear when it’s done.

Mick also has one of Glenn Seton’s old EL Falcon V8 Supercar chassis hidden up the back of his shop. This particular one was the team’s spare chassis that they would transfer running gear into if something ever happened to one of their main cars during practice or qualifying. Mick is good mates with Glenn and he’s built a crazy engine combo for Glenn’s Valiant ute – a supercharged and turbocharged 265 Hemi six. Mick reckons it makes 120hp per cylinder; you do the maths – that’s over 700hp!

Mick works on just about anything, and if you’ve got a problem, chances are he’s seen it before. These guys have also built a few of our giveaway cars over the years, including the LX Torana hatch and the Dodge Dart.