Carnage Plus Episode Eight – Bubba drives the Turbo Taxi

We know Bubba can drive, but what's he like behind the wheel of the Carnage Turbo Taxi


BRENDEN ‘Bubba’ Medlyn is a great friend of Carnage and Street Machine, you might remember him from a previous episode where he drove the wheels of the MX5.7 at Powercruise in Tasmania or when he won Street Machine Drag Challenge in 2016. Bubba’s crew at All Race Fabrications also took care of the fab work on the MX5.7 as far as the chassis, diff and cage is concerned. They also knocked up the bar work on the Toxic Avenger Territory.

Recently at the Ford Forum Nationals at Heathcote Park Raceway, Bubba had his trophy truck-style buggy out for a spin but unfortunately he damaged it before the actual racing had even started (story of Bubba’s life). Fortunately we were racing both the turbocharged Toxic Avenger Territory and the Turbo Taxi that day, so we tossed Bubba the keys to the cab to see what he could do.

Bubba was terrified of breaking it, considering at the time it was making over 500hp on a stock bottom end LPG motor so he took it easy on the old girl. Still he managed to run an 11.60, which was roughly a tenth slower than the Taxi’s best at that time. Since then we’ve gone quicker, but you’ll have to stay tuned for a future episode of Carnage to find out just how much quicker it went.

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