Carnage Plus EP24 – Tecalemit hoist installation

No more working on the floor, now we have a pair of primo Tecalemit hoist for Carnage HQ


EVERYONE has been telling us to get some hoists for Carnage HQ and now they’ve arrived! These are the Tecalemit TECG242C – 4.2 tonne two-post clear floor hoist. With a 4.2 tonne lifting capacity and featuring an asymmetrical design, the hoist easily caters for a wide range of vehicles from small passenger cars, light commercial, low clearance and off-road recreational vehicles.

The hoists have already proved their worth during the filming of the $2K Challenge, a quick Turbo Taxi gearbox swap and a recent Mr Dodgey engine removal. Great for us and the bonus for you guys is that we can make more content, instead of struggling on the floor. Yay!