Fires, wall hits and rods out action from a crazy year of burnouts

Videographers: Peter Flint

IT HAS been a crazy 12 months in the burnout scene, with more cars, events and, yes, mishaps than ever before. As more of the boys step up to the big blown and injected cars, we’re seeing fires at just about every event. It’s not great on the wallet, and it definitely doesn’t help when it comes to points. But the crowds go nuts for it, and it makes for some pretty spectacular pictures and video, as you’ll see in the video above that our mate Peter Flint has cut together.

But there’s a lot more that can go wrong during a burnout than having the back of your car on fire. We’re talking about rods-out action, insane explosions, engine fires, and worst of all for the ego, wall hits. At Street Machine Summernats this year it was Fred Watson’s crazy FEAR Monaro burnout fire that got all the attention; at Ultimate Burnout Challenge a few weeks later Russell Harris’s LOOSE VL went up in flames again following a small incident at Summernats; KURRUPT took a few knocks too; and there was plenty more.

Over in WA, Justen Brown in WONAGO threw the belt off his blower at Burnout King, and behind the wheel of STRUGLIN at Gazzanats he started a monster fire. Meanwhile, Jay Bloss had a very scary incident in his blown LS Gemini at Gazzanats Perth, blowing up his fuel cell.

You’ll see all that and more by checking out the video – Flinty’s ‘When Burnouts Go Bad – Volume 2’.