Highlights from the Ultimate Burnout Challenge qualifying at Winton Raceway

Photographers: Simon Davidson

THE awesome thing about the Ultimate Burnout Challenge (UBC) is that it really attracts the big-name cars and drivers. Event organiser and burnout legend Steve Loader reckoned this year’s field was the best ever, with guys coming from as far as Western Australia to smoke out the Winton Raceway pad in country Victoria.

 Drivers had two shots at a qualifying skid, and if anyone reckoned their first go was good enough to make the Top 20 finalists then they could choose to sit out the second round. But such was the quality of the cars and competition, most guys gave it a second crack just to be sure. So that’s over 100 of the country’s best burnout cars and drivers lining up for two skids each in one action-packed afternoon. We were in for one hell of a show.

 It was carnage out there. The weird downward slope of the pad caught out more than a few entrants as they nosed into the wall on the tip-in. There were also plenty of fires, and broken cars. Adrian Cuthbertson in SKIDMA blew a transmission, which punched a hole through the tunnel sending metal shards through the cabin; fortunately no one was hurt. Justen Brown also had transmission issues and had to be pushed off the pad. Shawn Karn tried to burn everything in his blown Commodore, KARNGE, setting fire both to his car and the grass next to the pad!

 Check out the video for all the action from the UBC qualifying session.