Ross Heasley skids his stunning blown Chev-powered HQ Monaro MRBADQ


“I ALWAYS loved going fast and testing the ability of any machine. When I was younger I raced BMX and motocross, and I did a bit of historic motorcycle racing too. But burnouts are just the best fun.

 Normally, if you ever get to see cars like these, they’re in a static show – you never get to see the owner absolutely handing its arse to it. It’s a unique thing. We build the highest-quality cars and then go out there and give them the hardest time possible. And it’s for up to two minutes at a time.

 You watch a really good drag race, it’s over in seconds, whereas an average burnout lasts 90 seconds. A lot of things can happen in that time, so it’s exciting to watch.

 Sometimes the car fights you the whole skid; sometimes it works with you. On those days when it works with you, there’s no better feeling.”

 Ross, from Narre Warren, Victoria, has been an HQ man since he was a boy. “Growing up, I had an HQ Prem and a Kingswood,” he says. “Now I’ve got this HQ plus another couple of HQ Monaros and a sedan. Building an HQ Monaro skid car is like a little kid’s dream come true!”

Driver: Ross Heasley
Car: MRBADQ, 1971 Holden HQ Monaro coupe
Engine: 350ci Chevy small-block, 6/71 blower