Phil Kerjean takes Skidtruck for a Good FryDay burnout

Phil ‘TUFFST’ Kerjean takes the wheel of Skidtruck on Good Fryday


STREET Machine Summernats 31 Burnout Champion and veteran driver of the TUFFST VK wagon, Phil Kerjean, got behind the wheel of Farmtruck and Azn’s Chevy Skidtruck at Sydney Dragway’s annual Good Fryday smoke-fest.

The Magnuson-blown LS2-powered C10 pick-up was built at the Canberra Institute of Technology for Summernats 31 in January. Phil and his Wollongong-based Fuelworx business played a big part, taking care of the plumbing throughout the car, as well as advising the Street Outlaws stars and the TAFE students on the ins and outs of a burnout-specific build.

Good Fryday was the Skidtruck’s first appearance since it broke the internet by smacking some walls at Summernats. Phil picked it up from CIT a month ago and has spent time replacing the rear shocks to eliminate axle tramp issues that plagued the truck at the ’Nats.

“Luckily I’ve been asked to have some driving duties, which is pretty cool,” Phil told SM. “Summernats wasn’t a one-gig deal for the Skidtruck, so we’ve basically got it for the rest of the year and we’re going to take it to a few events here and there, do some more skids in it, and let people see it. What the future of it will be after that, it’s none of my business I s’pose, so until then I’m just going to have some fun with it.”

Check the video link to see how Phil did on Good Fryday.