We visit Farmtruck & AZN at the Canberra Institute of Technology as the Skidtruck build for Street Machine Summernats 31 nears the finishing line

Videographers: Matt Reekie

WHEN Street Outlaws stars Farmtruck & AZN headed home after Street Machine Summernats 30, they told us they’d love to come back, but only if they could compete in the burnouts in their own car. Well, it looks like that dream is now very close to reality.

To make it happen, Farmtruck and AZN gave up Christmas at home to fly to Australia to help finish the car. The students and teachers from the Canberra Institute of Technology had already put in massive hours, along with a few volunteers such as burnout guru, Phil Kerjean. All that effort, as well as the support from such great Australian companies has got the Skidtruck damn-near ready to fire up in record time.

In this video, we chat to just a handful of the folks involved, to see what the experience has been like thus far. Enjoy!