Highlights from the insane Burnout Masters final at Street Machine Summernats 31

Videographers: Peter Flint

THE Burnout Masters field gets bigger and better every year; with so many top level burnout cars entering the scene, each year it gets harder to stand out and make it into the final ten Burnout Masters field that competes for Summernats glory.

It all started on the Thursday of Summernats with the Last Chance Wildcard Shootout as twenty-seven skidders lined up for a chance to take one of three vacant spots in the Burnout Masters qualifying event. The field was high quality with MRBADQ, BLWNVC, SICKO and 1FATRAT – all seasoned pros – in with a chance. In the end the judges picked Todd Kopelke’s NVYDIS Torana, Jason Schmidt in FRASHR and Dwane Pallentine in the PEPPER IT Torana.

Jason Schmidt in the FRASHR VH Commodore was the only wildcard to make it through Saturday’s qualifying to Sunday’s main event, where he joined the likes of Fred Watson in FEAR, Matt James in UNWANTED and Steve Nogas in KILLAB. West Aussie Matt James actually managed to make it through with both of his cars, the UNWANTED VF ute and COMPACT Fairlane.

Come Sunday Fred Watson broke the steering on his FEAR Monaro but still managed to get tyres off, while Jason Schmidt never made it out in FRASHR due to car issues. From there it was difficult to pick a standout car, but I think everyone will agree that UNWANTED was it. That car is just angry and Matt James drove the wheels off it; the car even seemed to catch fire for a couple of seconds up the entry road before tyre smoke returned.

 Runner-up was also Matt James in his Fairlane, COMPACT, which is essentially a show car – we still can’t believe he skids it! A total of $20,000 prize money certainly made the trip over from Perth worth it. Third place went to Rick Fuller in LSONE who put on a killer display in his VK Commodore.

1. Matt James – UNWANTED
2. Matt James – COMPACT
3. Rick Fuller – LSONE
4. Jack Seaman – LOOSEQ
5. Steve Nogas – KILLAB
6. Shane D’Amato – GHETTO
7. Andrew Pool – IBLOWN
8. Anthony Page – PAGEY
9. Fred Watson – FEAR