Is this the toughest HSV GTS in Australia?

Flinty takes a look at a killer new addition to the WA burnout scene

Videographers: Peter Flint

NEW to the burnout scene for 2019 is Alex Korber’s killer Gen-F HSV GTS mock-up. Being built by the guys over at Pro West High Performance in Perth, Alex’s new addition to the WA burnout scene has to be one of the coolest new-school burnout cars we’ve come across.

Originally a VF Calais, the car was a financial write-off, so Alex decided to turn it into a tyre-slaying Gen-F HSV GTS replica. The boys at Pro West tubbed the rear end and fitted a four-link and a sheet-metal nine-inch diff. Underneath are coil-overs all ’round, with Brembo brakes up front housed in 22-inch Simmons wheels.

STRUGLIN blown Commodore Sportwagon

 The driveline comes in the form of an L98 6.0-litre with rods, pistons, oil pump, cam, lifters and rockers – the full works to keep it singing on the pad. Topped off by an 8/71 blower, the package eased out 830rwhp on 10psi. Sitting behind the mammoth LS is a two-speed Powerglide built by Fremantle Torque Converters.

This video shows the first real test hit for the car, and it’ll make its proper debut at Gary Myers’s Gazzanats WA this weekend. The Perth event includes a burnout comp, superskids, go-to-whoa and heaps more, making it the ideal place for Alex to debut his freshly finished VF.

UNWANTED VF Commodore ute burnout car