Gazzanats WA 2019 powerskids – Video

Straight-line powerskid action from Gazzanats WA at the Collie Motorplex


TO execute an impressive powerskid you need two things – a bucket load of horsepower and a decent amount of control to keep the car smoking the treads in a straight line for as long as possible. It’s a delicate balancing act, but I’m not sure there’s anything more satisfying than frying the tyres in a straight line for hundreds of meters – it’s epic!

 Gazzanats WA – the weekend-long burnout fest at Collie Motorplex put on by the burnout crazy Myers family – had an impressive line-up of cars keen to tackle the Super Skid powerskid competition, including a bunch of crazy blown burnout cars. While you’d think a big blown V8-powered dedicated skid car like the BALLISTIC VL or Anthony Page’s Gazzanats burnout comp-winning PAGEY HZ ute would be best for doing a powerskid, actually a fairly standard-looking VE Calais seems to be the go.

Gazzanats WA 2019 – Gallery

 Jay Okely’s big turbo LS-powered VE Calais took out the powerskid comp, pumping huge clouds all the way down the straight. In fact the further he got down the track, the more smoke the thing started making. It was a killer effort and it scored him the win in the Super Skid comp.

 There were a few tough blown burnout cars giving it a good crack too, Darryl Ferguson’s SMOKN RAT Morris truck came in second place with a tough skid, followed by Sam Lord’s agro HZ burnout ute BADHABIT in third place. There were even a few tough sixes and aspo eights in the mix which gave the big blown V8 boys a run for their money. Check out the video to see all the action!