Aaron von Minden's killer nitro-breathing vintage FED at California's Eagle Field Nostalgia Drags


Besides the gritty racing and angry gasser classes, one of the biggest draw cards at California’s Eagle Field Nostalgia Drags is getting to see nitro-breathing dragsters fire up and rocket down the defunct airfield’s drag strip. A vintage cacklefest usually takes place after nightfall in the hangar but just walking around the pits, punters will often have a chance to burst their ear drums and sear their eyes as a few of the crews fire up vintage rails and front-engine dragsters.

Blown Hemi survivor dragster on nitroAaron von Minden hails from San Jose, and is the custodian of this survivor FED, originally built in 1963. Aaron and his crew will normally run alcohol through the stonking Chrysler Hemi but mix up a nitro concoction for events like the Nostalgia Drags for a little more explosive fun.

Blown Hemi survivor dragster on nitroThe dragster presents exactly as it was back in the day, after Aaron was asked by the late previous owner’s family to give it a once over and breathe life into it. The frame, body and most of the bits are still the original pieces and period photographs helped with correctly identifying some of the missing pieces, though the engine has been kitted out with modern go-fast internals.

Blown Hemi survivor dragster on nitroAfter re-debuting it in 2015, Aaron has met many old timers who recognise the car and even one of the original crew members of the car who remembers campaigning it in Bakersfield in 1964. Check out the video to learn more about the awesome story behind this killer nitro-breathing FED!