Blown 526ci Ford Capri at Dandy Engines – Video

Matthew Basanovic’s infamous Capri has a new heart


FAMED for being the first APSA car to crack into the six-second bracket, Matthew ‘Mardo’ Basanovic’s Capri has a long and storied history.

Back in 2011, Matt’s Capri packed a 632-cube, nitrous-assisted big-block Chev, and spent most of that year trading blows with Dom Luppino’s twin-turbo SBF-powered Ford for dominance in the Pro Street Blown ranks.

Mardo was the first to crack the six-second zone, to the tune of 6.97@ 200mph. Dom soon hit back with a 6.72@217mph and then upgraded to a big-block Pro Line deal, but Mardo had the satisfaction of having the first six-second car in Aussie Pro Street history.

Over the past couple of years, Mardo has moved over to a blown 526-cube Hemi donk out of a Funny Car, complete with a set of John Force heads and a giant PSI blower.

We caught up with the Capri at Dandy Engines, where Frank Marchese has been busy converting the Hemi from mechanical injection to a FuelTech EFI set-up. It’s expected to hit the hub dyno soon, so stay tuned to see some wild numbers.

For now, press play to hear the symphony!