Michael Brown's elite-level blown 430ci AMC Rambler Hornet tearing it up at Powercruise Sydney


NO it’s not a Cortina or a Centura, Michael Brown owns this stunning blown 1971 AMC Rambler Hornet we spotted turning tyres up at Powercruise Sydney last weekend. Michael has owned the car since he was eighteen years old and as is often the case he’s rebuilt it a number of times to get the car to where it is now.

The centrepiece of the whole build has to be the eight-stack individual throttle body injection atop an 8/71 blower. There’s chrome as far as the eye can see, with the stroked 351-based 430-cube Ford donk detailed beautifully and pumps out around 730rwhp through an Al’s Race Glides C4 trans and fabricated nine-inch diff. In fact, the whole car is built to elite show standards with a full custom interior and a crazy candy paint job.

Michael actually entered the car for Grand Champion at Street Machine Summernats 30 earlier this year! “This is the car we flog all year at events like Powercruise and Bathurst Auto Fest then take to Summernats and make Top 60 or Top 20!”

Clearly this isn’t the sort of elite-level car that is just polished and parked though because Michael legitimately drives the wheels off it and gives it a hard time. Whether it’s cruising the street or blowing the bags off it on the track at events like Powercruise, Michael uses the car the way we’d all hope.