The June edition of our monthly chat show was presented live from gearhead heaven


EACH month, Scott and I set up the mobile Street Machine bar in a cool location and conduct a live chat show on Facebook, and usually YouTube as well. So far we’ve gone live from MPW Performance (including a dyno run), Calder Park and now from Eagle Auto Parts HQ in Dandenong, Victoria.

Eagle has great stores in Sydney and Brisbane as well, but the Melbourne location is truly epic. As you would expect from the crate motor kings, the showroom is littered with some of the most desirable plug and play engines on earth, including big blocks of all varieties, more LS motors than you can poke a stick at, and even 5.0-litre Coyote motors for you Ford fans.

There is go-fast gear aplenty, but there’s also a veritable car show wedged in there, including a handful of tasty American muscle cars, a blown big-block ’32 roadster, a drool-worthy ’59 Chev drop-top (with W-power, no less!) a couple of bitchin’ Harley Davidsons and even a V8-powered barstool. Not to mention a jukebox, an old-school phone booth and plenty more to gander at.

We take a look through the showroom and get down to business discussing the big issues of the month, including our plans for Street Machine Drag Challenge, a sneak peek at the next episode of Carnage and a preview of some of the Aussie cars heading to Hot Rod Drag Week.