We chat with Aaron Gregory about the creation of Australia’s coolest shop truck


SYDNEY-based custom car builder Aaron Gregory may have become involved with cars later in life than most enthusiasts, but he’s a fast learner.

Having competed in sailing at the highest level, Aaron became a trade qualified boat builder and a dab hand with fibreglass.

AARON GREGORY’S ’51 CHEVY PICK-UP side profileAfter developing an interest in minitrucks, he built a Rodeo dual cab and through that scene came to meet a couple of blokes who were involved in piecing together concept cars at Holden.

As luck would have it they were looking for a fibreglass guru, and Aaron was a great fit.

AARON GREGORY’S ’51 CHEVY PICK-UP rearDuring his time at Holden, Aaron’s passion for the automotive world grew and he was able to develop outstanding metal fabrication skills, which he later furthered through his work with the Chop Shop on the NSW Central Coast, building industry-leading custom cars.

In the lead-up to Motorex 2012, Aaron and the Chop Shop team decided to fast-track the completion of his 1951 Chevrolet Pick-Up (which we featured in the December 2012 issue of Street Machine) to debut at the event.

AARON GREGORY’S ’51 CHEVY PICK-UP frontDubbed Memphis Hell, the car is an Australian-built Chevy shell which sits on a modified Rodeo chassis, with airbags all ’round and notched rear rails with a triangulated four-link.

The driveline was pilfered from a VP Commodore, and consists of a cammed up 304ci Holden V8, Turbo 700 auto and a disc brake, LSD BorgWarner rear end.

AARON GREGORY’S ’51 CHEVY PICK-UP rear drivingThese days Aaron is flat out building custom cars for customers under the banner of Memphis Hell Custom Vehicle Builders, with his current major project being Chris Willett’s full-custom-chassis, blown LSX-powered HT Holden which we featured on the cover of our November 2015 issue as a work in progress.