This humble Falcon was once the world’s fastest Ford SOHC 4L

Videographers: William Suen

RAY Fairfull had been considering adding a half-chassis to his 9-second EF Falcon in the hunt for more traction when he stumbled across the perfect alternative on the My105 race classifieds website. There it was – a full-chassis EL Falcon drag car that looked like a great home for his turbocharged AU Intech SOHC six-cylinder engine.

Ray Fairfull EL FalconAfter inspecting the car a deal was struck, and two weeks later Ray and a mate travelled 4400km in four days to bring it home. The plan was to lift the engine, transmission and electronics from the EF and fit it to the full-chassis EL, and in doing so achieve a weight saving of 360kg.

Ray Fairfull's Ford EL Falcon“My mate Michael ‘RBKILA’ Ryan fabricated everything from scratch that we needed for the new build,” Ray explained. “He made the manifolds, fuel cell, engine mounts, exhaust, mid-plate, all the wiring; you name it, he made it all in his back shed.”

Ray Fairful's EL Falcon KILA4LThe humble SOHC four-litre went off to Voodoo Engines for some more modifications and a freshen-up. It still retains the factory block and crank, but runs Atomic Fat conrods teamed with custom JE pistons for an 8.4:1 compression ratio. The head is a ported factory Ford item, with a Voodoo Engines camshaft and billet alloy rocker arms.

EL Falcon Voodoo enginesFuelling the red rocket is E85, delivered via 2000cc Bosch injectors, controlled by an EMS 8860 ECU. The turbo is a big unit – a Garrett GTX45 – which rams 35psi of boost into the 4L, resulting in a calculated 1100rwhp.

EL Falcon engineGetting all that power to the ground is a two-speed Powerglide built by Victory Transmissions, teamed with a 5800rpm converter. The sheet-metal nine-inch features Mark Williams Pro Series 35-spline axles, a full spool and 3.25:1 gears, delivering the power to the 32x15in Hoosiers.

Ray Fairfull EL Falcon wheelRay has run a blistering PB of 7.73@177mph in the car, which at the time was the world record for a Ford SOHC 4L. Not too bad for an old taxi engine! His good mate Michael has recently claimed the record with a crazy 7.56@184mph pass in his RBKILA EB Falcon.

Ray Fairful EL FalconWhat does Ray have planned? “I have always intended to build a twin-turbo Windsor, but lately I have been considering staying with a six-cylinder. The Ford Barra engine is very hard to beat, and they can make a tonne of power fairly easy.”

Videographers: William Suen