Registered daily driven 1050rwhp turbo big-block powered '29 Roadster Pick-up - what the!


JESSE Kalb’s ’29 Roadster Pick-up hot rod is one of those cars you can’t quite believe exists, let alone is registered and driven to-and-from work every day in traffic. By now you’ve probably noticed the monster Turbonetics Thumper Series turbo, and it’s strapped to a 413-cube big-block Chev with all the good gear inside. On 10psi the roadster put down 1050rwhp, which is insane by any stretch of the imagination especially considering it only weighs around 700kg. Yep, Jesse’s hot rod gets up and boogies.

Jesse is a turbo nut and just about every car he’s built over the years has had one. “I kept the styling all very traditional, with the young touch of the big turbo,” he said. “We also put a heap of bracing underneath the car, along with a four-link rear and Rod Tech front end. It handles like a go kart”

Jesse built the whole thing with the help of his old man Siegfried who taught him a lot the skills that now make him a mastermind when it comes to building fast street and race cars. The pair built the engine, did all of the body work and pretty much everything else bar the stunning metal-flake paint. That was done by Jesse’s mate Travis Birmingham.

Check out the video to see Jesse’s hot rod in action and look out for a full feature on the car in the July 2016 Issue of Street Machine, on sale 18 June!