Tough Clevo-powered XY Fairmont runs tens at the Ford Forum Nats


KEN Perry has owned this tough ’71 Ford XY Fairmont for the last 25 years, and over that time it has evolved into a fairly quick old girl. The car has run a best of 10.0@132mph down the quarter, and gets driven just about everywhere.

 Just before the Ford Forum Nats at Heathcote a couple of weekends back, Ken decided to give the Clevo a freshen up and enlisted the help of good mate Danko from Adicted Performance. “We just got it running again last night,” said Ken. “It was on the dyno Wednesday night, and Thursday and Friday night were spent putting it back in the car and [getting it] up and running.”

The 351-based 393ci stroker made a healthy 680hp on the engine dyno. “I wasn’t really expecting too much, we didn’t change anything with the combo from last time, we just gave it a freshen up,” said Ken. The motor runs CHI heads, a solid roller cam, drinks pump 98-octane fuel and is backed by a C10 auto and leaf-sprung nine-inch rear end.

Ken’s best pass at the Ford Forum drags was a 10.3@134mph, pulling the front wheels clean off the deck. This old Ford is as healthy as ever!