HOT Rod Drag Week is notable for the camaraderie between racers. It perhaps resembles land speed racing more than most drag racing events, as the competitors largely have their own personal targets in mind rather than a class win.

That friendliness was on show when Motion Raceworks in Davenport, Iowa, opened up its shop and car park for a pre-Drag Week party. It was a great opportunity for drivers to meet each other and to see some of the awesome metal of the event up close.

The Australians were naturally on-board for the party, with Arby’s Valiant, Brian Jensen’s Torana, Jamie Farmer’s Falcon ute, Harry Haig’s Chevelle and Craig Moar’s Buick Regal all making appearances.

Under nearly every bonnet there was a turbo (or two); the ease of road driving combined with a high-horsepower boost at revs makes the turbo the power-adder of choice for Drag Weekers.

Doug Cook from Motion Raceworks put on the party and had his own Chevy Nova on display, a car he hopes will go deep into the seven-second zone this week.

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