THE Mad Max film franchise needs no introduction to Street Machine readers. The first two films in particular are legendary for their unprecedented celluloid celebration of modified Aussie muscle cars, bringing street machining to the masses in the process.

Sure, probably the less said about Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome the better, but happily we had a lot more to get excited about when the much-delayed fourth instalment of the franchise, Mad Max: Fury Road, was finally released last year – not least because of the incredibly staged vehicular action and stunts.

Director George Miller has stated that around 90 per cent of the stunts and special effects in the film were performed for real, with CGI only used to enhance the live action. And once you watch this video, a four-minute collection of “pre-production tests, behind-the-scenes video and raw footage from the film” showing myriad explosions, crashes, vehicle flips and more, you’ll see he wasn’t joking.

Watching it, you really do get an insight into why Fury Road has been hailed as one of the greatest action films of all time; so much of it was performed in real time by a very talented – and brave – stunt crew. Respect. 

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