SPRAY-painting a car isn’t as simple as you may think; guys spend years perfecting the art of producing a show-level finish. And once you add things like airbrushing and pinstriping into the mix, it really does become a delicate process, especially when the object you’re messing with is someone’s pride and joy.

To learn how it’s done properly we caught up with Sean Hammond and the boys from CAD Custom in Melbourne, as Sean’s ’57 Ford Ranchero went under the gun for a new look. After prepping the body, the boys started with a white base coat that would be used as the main pinstripe colour, and then they added a grey secondary pinstripe colour before finally laying down the gorgeous bronze top coat.

The boys pulled an all-nighter to get this job done and were absolutely buggered by the end, but the finish turned out great. Check out the video as Sean talks us through his car and how the guys created the pinstripes, before Carmine De Maria covers the Ranchero with its new paint. 

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