VS GTSR #1 sold for $1 million at auction

Results from the XU3 Yellah GTS-R themed Lloyds auction, including a new VS GTSR record and a megabuck GTHO



  • #1 VS GTSR makes $1 million plus buyer’s premium
  • W1 sedan takes $600K plus buyer’s premium
  • Yellow Glo Phase III GTHO sold for $1.3 million


The first of the three XU3 Yellah cars across the block was one-of-four W1 GTSR Maloo. A flurry of phone bids pushed the the Maloo to $1,150,000, plus buyer’s premium. According to Lloyds, three phone bidders wanted to buy all three XU3 Yellah GTSRs, so bidding on the Maloo was paused and the auctioneers moved onto the W1 sedan.

The sedan went to $600K plus BP and was also paused. It was later announced as sold for $750K, plus BP. The fate of the Maloo remains unclear.

Build #1 VS GTSR was sold at $1,000,000, plus BP. This is a new record for the model by some margin. Not only is it the first VS GTSR produced, but it also includes the HRT ‘blueprinted’ engine package.

The one-off, track-ready 2004 HSV GTSR concept car sold for $580K, plus BP. Here’s hoping the new owner has bought it to race!

A 2017 GTSR with Walkinshaw W557 engine upgrade, XU3 Yellah paint, 888 Racing rear spoiler and other mods went for $435K, plus PB.

A stunning, vinyl roof-equipped Phase III GTHO XY Falcon in Yellow Glo was offered unresevered and sold for $1,300,000 plus BP.

A NFT (non-fungible token) of the same Yellow Glo XY sold for $51,000. 10 per cent of the proceeds of every future sale of this NFT (if sold through Lloyds) will receive 10 per cent of the sale price. And the current owner of the actual car will receive the same deal.

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Just one day remains before the hammer falls on three XU3 Yellah HSV GTSRs at Lloyds Auctions.

A flurry of bids are expected to be placed over the next 48 hours on the cars, likely pushing at least one beyond the million-dollar mark.

The XU3 Yellah W1 ute remains ahead of the pack, with a top bid of $825,000 (plus a 7.5 per cent buyer’s premium, currently at $62,250).

The last W1 Maloo sold at auction fetched a record-breaking $1.05m, so the odds of this car taking seven figures seem high — especially considering three bidders went beyond the million-dollar mark last time.

Bids on the W1 and VS GTSR sedans meanwhile, have slowed – with just $5000 added to each total since we last checked in.

September 8: Three XU3 Yellah HSV GTSRs are poised to break records, reaching half-million dollar prices after less than two weeks of bidding.

Leading the charge is the GTSR W1 ute, which has so far attracted a top bid of $705,000. Its total has more than doubled in 12 days.

The W1 sedan is next, with a bid of $475,000. That’s almost five times its value of when we last checked in.

Bidding on VS GTSR #001 has been slightly slower, but at $380,000 it has already surpassed the $335,000 taken by car #65 last year.

More than two weeks remain before bidding wraps up, so there’s plenty of time for these car to potentially reach the seven-figure mark.

August 26: A trio of yellow HSV GTSRs will go under the hammer at Lloyds in what’s tipped to be a record-smashing auction.

All three cars are finished in XU3 Yellah, and present in as-new condition. The cars were previously owned by Queensland-based HSV collector ‘Boomer’ – but are now being offered out of South Australia.

Though six were eventually built, this GTSR W1 ute is one of four from the original production run. It also has the honour of being W1 ute build #E001, and is the only example to be painted in the VS-spec colour. According to Lloyd’s, it has never been registered, with just 19km on the clock.

Like their sedan counterparts, the W1 ute received a dry-sumped, supercharged LS9 V8. With forged internals and a 2.3-litre blower, the Corvette-sourced V8 made 474kW. Other features included a close-ratio TR6060 gearbox, six-piston AP Racing brakes, track-tuned fixed-rate shocks, and diamond-stitched Alcantara seats.

The W1 ute is expected to fetch the highest auction price of the three cars. Its iconic colour and first-built status will likely see it beat the $1.05 million taken by the last W1 ute in February, and possibly edge out the $1.15 million fetched by a GTHO Phase III Falcon. That would make it the most expensive road-registrable Australian car in history.

At time of writing, the ute has attracted a top bid of $315,000, with 29 days remaining.

VS GTSR build #001 of 85 has travelled a tiny 86km over its 25-year life – less than four per year.

The seats and wheel are still wrapped in their pre-delivery plastic covers, and factory stickers cover the right-hand passenger window.

It’s a fully optioned car, built with the $10,500 HRT ‘blueprinted’ engine package. While final performance numbers varied by engine, the option boosted the 215kW 5.7-litre V8’s output by another 10-15kW.

Like the W1 ute, the VS has seen two owners. The logbook, owner’s manual and HSV compendium are included, plus the original GTSR-embroidered shirt, jacket and cap.

The car is currently sitting at $250,000. VS GTSR #65 sold at Burns and Co. last year for $335,000, so it’s safe to assume this one will eclipse that price over the coming weeks.

We told you about this one-off, XU3 Yellah GTSR W1 sedan in 2018. Back then, MOTOR sources said that while the car was not painted in-house at HSV, the company facilitated the custom paintjob to satisfy a long-standing customer — presumably Boomer himself.

There were 300 W1 sedans built in total, with 275 remaining in Australia. This car is build #17 and is the least travelled of the auction trio, with just 16km on the odometer.

W1 values have risen sharply since production wrapped up in 2017. Priced new at $169,900, car #110 sold at Grays in September 2017 for $280,109. The cheapest example listed today carries a $495,000 asking price, while a car with 27km is $630,000.

The XU3 Yellah finish and exceedingly low kilometres on this car should place it on the high end of the W1 market. Right now, it has a top bid of $106,000 with 29 days remaining.

There’s also a one-of-one HSV Coupe GTS-R concept up for grabs, which has so far attracted a bid of $112,000. We’ll bring you more on this car soon, so stay tuned.