Drag Week 2015 – Day One

Street Machine’s coverage of Day one of the Aussie assault on Drag Week 2015

Photographers: Povi Pullinen

DAY One of Hot Rod Drag Week has been run at Gateway Motorsports Park in Illinois, and the massive convoy of 300 entrants is tackling the 266-mile trek to Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis. Let’s look at how the Aussies fared and check out a couple of our other favourite cars.

John Faraone’s twin-turbo big-block Charger was looking strong from the outset, running an 8.0-second pass at over 180mph on the slippery surface.

Drag week day one 1Greg Trapnell’s AGROHQ Monaro treated the Yanks to its chassis-twisting, wheelstanding antics and ran a solid mid-nine pass in aspirated trim, with nitrous yet to come.

Drag week day one 2Brian and Dianne Jensen’s Torana has really got the Yanks talking, and the white hatch also ran a best of 9.56 at 143mph.

Drag week day one 3Harry Haig and his team got their ratty Chevelle humming, running a 14.2-second pass. Harry reckons the car has a 13-second timeslip in it. To go quicker, he’ll need to do what many people are urging and fit a 100hp nitrous shot – or as some wags call it, ‘spray and pray.’

Drag week day one 4Eighteen-year-old Addie Ross is racing this killer ’63 Falcon woody wagon, which was built by her grandfather with lots of hands-on help from Addie herself. It runs a nitrous 383 and Powerglide combo and pulled a best of 10.1 seconds at Gateway Park.

Drag week day one 5Bryant Goldstone’s 1973 AMC Javelin looks like a weapon and is powered by a 572ci aluminium big-block with a pair of twin 88mm Precision turbos. Bryant had the honour of running both the first six-second pass and first 200mph pass at Drag Week 2015.

Drag week day one 6The team of Steve Reimann and Mark Arblaster had a few issues putting the power to the ground in Steve’s Clevo-powered Capri.

Drag week day one 7View Gallery below for more pics on Drag Week 2015 -Day One.