How to get your dose of Street Machine in a post-Facebook world

Missing our Facebook page? Here are a shed full of ways to get your Street Machine fix


SO, yeah. Our Street Machine Facebook page is out of action due to political shenanigans too tedious to recount here. Thanks to everyone who has reached out to us to express their outrage, we appreciate it.

We’ve been beavering away on FB since 2008 and it has been a great ride so far. You guys have built a great community on there, making it a supportive and fun place for car fans to hang out.

Our guess is that the Facebook dramas will sort themselves out soon. In the meantime, here are a stack of other great ways to keep abreast of our latest content and have your say as well.

1. Our newsletter

Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll receive the freshest videos, feature cars and news straight to your inbox. Click the link to get on it.

2. Subscribe

We have some great deals going that will see Street Machine mag lob at your place every month. You can save up to 39% off the retail price and you’ll be supporting our mission to document Australia’s amazing car culture with the highest quality photography, journalism and design. This year is our 40th birthday and we’ll be celebrating in a big way, so don’t miss out! Suss it here.

3. Instagram

Our community over on Insta is a bit of alright, if I so say so myself. We post a stack of content there everyday, including live event coverage when we are out and about. Check it out, say g’day and please send any tips on cars or folks we should be paying attention to.

4. YouTube

YouTube is the home of our Carnage web series, which sees Scott Taylor and Kian Heagney build plenty of crazy creations. The budgets are small and the time frames are short – but the fun factor is massive. You’ll also find dyno videos, event coverage and feature cars. Like and subscribe here.

5. TikTok

We’ve been playing around with TikTok for a little while, but now we’ve decided to really crack on with it. If you or your kids are into that kind of thing, please drop in and give us some tips on how to go viral. Lord knows, we can use all the help we can get.

6. Drag Challenge group

One place we are always active on Facebook is the Street Machine Drag Challenge group. Like it says on the box, the discussion is mostly around Drag Challenge and fast street cars generally.

However you interact with Street Machine, thanks for your support! Feedback is always welcome via our socials and if you see us at an event, please say g’day!