Street Machine March 2019

The March 2019 issue of Street Machine is on sale now, with Mike King’s 600hp XM Falcon coupe on the cover!


OUR new March 2019 edition of Street Machine magazine goes on sale today and it’s jam-packed with automotive goodness. You’ll find everything from a genuine LJ Torana GTR XU-1 with a blown small-block Chev jammed under the nose to tough Mopar goodness, burnouts and mini-tub tech!

 On the cover of the new mag is Mike King’s stunning Ford XM Futura coupe. With a tough old 600hp small-block up front, it has the brawn to match its beauty.

 With multiple Summernats Top 60 placings, Stephen Sherry’s Torana is one tough showstopper! It’s a LJ GTR XU-1, powered by an extremely tough 383ci small-block Chev, topped with a 6/71 blower and twin Holley carbs.

 The guys at Southern Rod and Custom have built some of Australia’s most elite hot rods and street machines, many of which have been featured in SM before, so we took a tour of their facilities and checked out some of their latest builds.

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 A 600-cube big-block, Kawasaki green paint and massive rubber make Brad Fletcher’s XA one killer Ford coupe!

 Kris and Mary Velkovski’s Summernats Top 60 HT Holden ute isn’t just a pretty show car – it runs mid nines with a twin-turbo small-block Chev engine and even took on Street Machine Drag Challenge last year.

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 In this mag we check out the Australian Burnout Championship on the Australia Day long weekend. It doesn’t get much more Aussie than that!

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 When Billy Papas witnessed the might of a W9-headed R3 Mopar donk, he bought a VH Charger to house one in and built one of South Australia’s toughest street Chryslers.

 In News we check out the latest project from the Australian Army’s Team Army, a six-wheel twin-turbo diesel-powered Mercedes G-Wagen! It’s still a fair way off completion but the team are hoping it’ll be doing four-wheel burnouts by mid-year.

 In Legend, we pay tribute to Aussie drag racing legend Ash Marshall. Ash was the first racer to top 200mph on Australian soil, and he never failed to put on a show.

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 In Tech Talk, metal magician Chad Atkinson gives you the blow-by-blow on making DIY mini-tubs for your street car!

 You’ll find all of this plus Motorvation 33 coverage, a super tidy ’64 Nova, Tony Murr’s shed, a twin-turbo 427ci Windsor mill, plus much more!