The XU-1 Torana auction record has been smashed again

Purr Pull GTR XU-1 LJ Torana headlines a mammoth auction for Burns & Co, selling for over $300,000



  • LJ GTR XU-1 sets auction record at $348,000
  • Surpasses previous record set in May by $53,000
  • Former Holden engineering car

The auction record for a road-going XU-1 Torana has been smashed again, with an 1973 Bathurst LJ GTR XU-1 scoring a whopping winning bid of $348,000 before the buyer’s premium (BP).

It’s the second time the record has been broken this year, and surpasses the previous one set for a road-going 1972 XU-1 which was also sold by Burns & Co in May. That LJ was a pristine GTR XU-1 showing 24,847 miles which went under the hammer for $295,000 (before BP).

The new record-setting Purr-Pull car was also auctioned through Burn and has an interesting history – besides being a Bathurst-spec example. According to the listing it was used as a test mule for Holden, with documentation proving Holden was the first owner of the car – and it’s pictured wearing the original plates in an anniversary photo shoot at the Lang Lang proving ground.

It’s thought that Holden used the LJ for a styling proposal for the potential use of automatic transmissions and the development of a long range fuel system – the latter evidenced by a repair patch in the floor/boot area and a replacement rear quarter panel to cover the fitment of an extra filler neck is believed to have been fitted.

The car is showing an indicated 91,710 miles on the clock. The listing states the XU-1 still retains the original six-banger, close-ratio M21 four-speed and limited-slip diff it was fitted with once Holden sold it. The car also came with an extra cylinder head, complete exhaust system and an extra set of Sprintmaster mags.

The overall record for an XU-1 auction is $500K, paid for an ex-Peter Brock XU-1 racer in 2006.

A 1972 GTR LJ Torana also hit the block at the same auction, reaching $100,000 (before BP).

Other notables from the auction included a custom two door 1952 FX 48-215, running a hotted-up 202 which went for $72,500 before BP.

Fancy a classic Mustang ute? Well someone clearly did – this 1965 ‘200 utility’ Mustang bringing a top bid of $53,500 before BP.

Panel vans and sedan deliveries had a good run on the block too, an FB two-door bringing in $53,250 and a 1966 windowless XP van fetching $40,000 (both before BP). But the king of the vans was a windowless FJ Holden, which reached a hefty $117K before BP.

Big Falcons hit some solid numbers, an 1971 XY GT tribute banging home $107,000, while an 1969 XW GT sedan fetched $169,500 (both before BP).

New metal didn’t fare so well, with a HSV GTO Coupe II, HSV VE Clubsport, FG FPV GS Boss 315 ute, HSV VY Clubsport sedan and HSV VT II Senator all being passed in.

There was even something for the kids too, this bright pink Holden Efijy convertible ride-on model car attracting 15 bids which resulted in a sale price of $500 before BP.