Street Machine June 2023 issue on sale now

Killer feature cars and loads of other goodies within!


It’s officially winter, and we’re officially halfway through our 2023 magazine lineup!

Peter Lewis’s mind-blowing XC Falcon was a big drawcard in the Superstars pavilion at Meguiar’s MotorEx 2023. The Astill-built stunner features big-cube Kaase power up front and FG Falcon tech everywhere you look, all brilliantly integrated with existing XC stuff and finished impeccably.

MotorEx is a recurring theme in this month’s issue, starting with coverage of the two-day extravaganza in the heart of Melbourne.

The unveil hall revealed some incredible new metal, which is sure to grace these pages in the near future. Between the new stuff and a big roster of top-quality steel from far and wide, it wasn’t one to be missed.

Like Peter, Lloyd Taylor also made the interstate trip to show off his wheels at MotorEx, all the way from WA’s rural Karratha. Even cooler is that Lloyd handled most of the 383 Chev-powered HT Monaro build himself, far from the conveniences of the speed shops we take for granted here.

The Westie crowd at MotorEx 21 was bolstered by Stewart Parris’s drop-dead gorgeous ’55 Chev. Despite the driver-friendly LS1, T56 manual and coilover combo, Stew hasn’t sacrificed an iota of timeless tri-five Chev style.

John Szwede carried the corner-carver ethos into the Real Street hall with his all-business LX hatch. Not only does it look the part on its Brock racer-inspired rolling stock and grabby rubber, but the eight-stack LS1, close-ratio ’box big brakes and big brakes mean its well-sorted for timed sprints.

While Danny Howe sat MotorEx out this year, you can bet his VN SV89 tribute would’ve snapped quite a few necks with its 8/71-blown 408ci LS combo. Danny’s a serial offender when it comes to retro-inspired toughies, and believe it or not, he calls the eight-month build a streeter!

On the other extreme of timeframes is Stelio Birbas and his rad VF Valiant coupe. He embarked on the project right back in 1997 as a 16-year-old, dealing with countless setbacks and commitments before by the time it was finished in late 2022. If you ask us, the wait was worthwhile.

Will Taylor’s ZC Fairlane has somehow spent even longer with one family, having transported three generations before being handed down to the Queensland bloke. Now making 1100hp courtesy of a 427ci Dart Windsor and a whopping big snail, it’s ready for new memories to be made.

We also get down and dirty at Heathcote Park Raceway’s Holden Nationals, which pulls together some of the country’s quickest lions across nine classes. Wheelstands galore!

Steven Serone’s EJ Special was a sweet sight hooking around the Drag Challenge 2022/23 circuit, with power to match, which is why it’s this month’s column hero.

There’s also an illuminating yarn on tyres from Iain Kelly, one of the most gorgeous Windsors we’ve ever seen, and heaps more from all the regulars.

Get on it! Street Machine June 2023 is on the shelves now.