Ford XC Falcon wagon spotted for sale in Japan with a Nissan RB engine


WE HAVE seen photos of this beige XC Falcon wagon in Japan before, but now this mysterious Aussie export is up for sale. We say mysterious because while HX/HZ Holdens made it to Japan as the Mazda Roadpacer (complete with 13B rotary powerplants!), Ford Australia never exported Falcons to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Ford XC Falcon Wagon 1 NwWe are no closer to figuring out how the wagon made it across the oceans, but we do now know what it is running under the bonnet, and it isn’t Ford six or V8. Nope, some enterprising soul has decked the XC out with an RB25DET and matching auto. Rather than try and make the Ford factory gauges work with the Nissan engine, they’ve also just taken the whole Skyline instrument cluster and jammed it in the dash.

Ford XC Falcon Wagon 4 NwShe’s no glamour model, but it would be a decent buy at around AU$8700 – if you didn’t have to fork out the cost of transporting it back to Oz. So it is probably unlikely this XC will return home anytime soon.

Ford XC Falcon Wagon 2 NwAnd while American cars have a big following in Japan, the Falcon is probably a little too oddball for most in that scene. So, she’ll just have to wait until a buyer with a love of the unusual comes along.