Street Machine June 2021 on sale now!

Our latest issue hits the stands today, and she’s a bloody cracker!


GRAHAM Miller knows a thing or two about building phenomenal show cars, so it should come as no surprise that the reigning Red CentreNATS champion’s EH pano is front and centre for our June issue. The EH was unveiled after much anticipation at Rockynats earlier this year, and the story behind the build is well worth a geez.

Speaking of Rockynats, we’ve got the full event covered in this issue as well. COVID forced the postponement of the inaugural revhead festival in Rockhampton last year, but this was one show that couldn’t be stopped, finally going ahead over this year’s Easter long weekend – and what a show it was!

The events don’t end there, either. We’ve got all the killer action from the Tuff Mounts Holden Nationals, the glitz and glam from the 10th Showcars Melbourne, and the salt-crazed speed demons at Lake Gairdner for Speed Week.

There’s also a stellar roll-call of feature cars joining Graham’s EH this month, including Phil Kerjean’s blown, VK-fronted VC Commodore burnout wagon, which has been in service for 25 years! The TUFFST wagon is a familiar sight at any A-grade tyre-slaying derby, and has cool details inside and out that go way beyond the suicide doors.

Holding up the Blue Oval flag is Paul Hart’s 630hp, 427ci XR Fairmont. It took home the Grand Champion gong at Rockynats – not bad for a car Paul originally bought as a quick flipper for some extra cash!

If low-slung cruisers are more your vibe, we’ve got you covered. Chad Ribbons built his gorgeous, Holden six-powered HD ute as a tribute to his dad, and he was determined to do as much as he could on his own.

Andrew Goodwin’s left-hook ’64 Ford Galaxie just makes us want to cruise it low and slow around the streets of Cali. There’s a ton of effort put into this thing; Andrew spent four weekends alone creating the custom layout on the roof.

We’ve also got a full in-depth feature on a 2500hp Dart LS combo from the boys at Warspeed Industries, and believe it or not, it’s been built using Ford bits. Our Mill Of The Month is an all-motor, tunnel-rammed, 505ci Ford FE packing 714hp.

All our other regulars like Drag Challenge, Time Machine, Readers’ Rockets and Sleepers are pumping harder than ever, too, so make sure you head out and grab a copy now!