Street Machine Hot Rod #19 on sale now

Check out Street Machine Hot Rod #19 for the coolest rods, customs, event coverage and hot rod history


THE 19th edition of Street Machine Hot Rod is on sale now! Led by our hot rod and custom aficionado Boris Viskovic, this coffee table-style mag covers everything from early nostalgia dragsters and gassers to classic hot rods, old-school pick-ups and stunning customs. If you’re a hot rod fanatic, it’s a must-have!

Deuce three window rearOn the cover of this mag is Dave Monaghan’s 509ci ’32 coupe. He wanted something that wouldn’t date and a colour that wasn’t in your face. It’s classic hot rod style done to perfection, and with a stonking great big-block Chev W motor up front.

1933 Chev two door sedanRichard Townsend’s crazy, 60-inspired ’33 Chev combines a hot rod body with pimpin’ lowrider paintwork and gasser-style stance, all powered by a beautifully detailed Chev V8.

Ford five window hot rodPhil Pavicich has a simple recipe for hot rods: Take one black ’34 Ford, add a blown Hemi and Halibrands. Job done. As far as classic-style rods go, this is one of the meanest getting around.

1933 Ford pickupPete Ahrens’s ’32 pick-up is very traditional-looking but it’s packing a big surprise under the bonnet – a Toyota 4V 3.4-litre V8!

front engined dragsterJoe Kurtovic’s front-engined dragster might look like something out of the 60s, but in fact it’s brand new. It’s powered by a blown and injected Holden red six and makes a cool 565hp – rad!

| Watch the video: Joe’s blown and injected Holden 202-powered dragster at Sydney Hot Rod Expo

Willys roadsterBowie Pollard’s ’30 Willys Whippet started off as a rusty shed decoration and evolved into fine art with a stonking carby-fed LS motor. The choice of mill is sure to ruffle some jimmies, but the simple fact of the matter is it’s reliable, cheap and makes great power.

Ford three window coupeDale French’s ’36 Ford is a perfect example of how keeping a build simple makes it all the sweeter. With subtle body mods, a factory interior and dumped on its bum, it’s a car that’s sure to be timeless.

Check out all of these and more feature rods, event coverage, tech and history yarns in Street Machine Hot Rod #19, on sale now!