Zsa Zsa Biacsi’s chopped and channelled 1926 Model T coupe

Zsa Zsa Biacsi has been a revhead from an early age and has several rad rides in her stable. Here she talks about her beloved 316-cube '26 Model T coupe, dubbed FIDDY


Zsa Zsa Biacsi has been a keen revhead since she was a young lass, and is a willing wrench-turner on her stable of rides. There’s too many of them to feature here, so we focused on the hot rod she can be found piloting most weekends at car events across SA – her chopped and channelled ’26 Model T coupe dubbed FIDDY.

Fist published in the August 2023 issue of Street Machine

How’d you get into hot rods?

Growing up, my brother and I were always going to the drags and Rowley Park Speedway. Then I built a 302ci Cleveland-powered ’29 Dodge roadster when I was in my 20s. That took me about two years to build, with help from my brother.

That was in the early 80s, and I sold the Dodge a few years later. I still see it around to this day, but the new owner won’t sell it back, as he reckons it’s the best hot rod he’s ever had!

And you’ve had a few other cars since?

After going to the drags and seeing Mustangs out there, I fell in love with them. I’ve now owned three Mustangs and still own the ’67 coupe I bought 27 years ago.

I’ve also had a few hot rods and currently own a fully fendered ’32 Ford three-window coupe, and my ’26 Model T coupe, which I bought around 2019.

How’d you come across your T?

I’m always looking at cars for sale, and this came up in WA, so a mate and I flew over for a look. There were a couple of things that needed doing, but overall I liked the T, so I bought it and had it shipped back to Adelaide.

Have you done much to it?

A few things for registration purposes, and the engine had a knock, so I had Joe Schirripa rebuild the 283ci Chevy. It’s now stroked to 316ci, and runs Speed Pro pistons and a Crane H288 cam, with twin Edelbrock four-barrel carbs on top.

The finned Corvette rocker covers, along with the Eddie Meyer fuel block, rams-horn headers and old-school-looking PowerGEN alternator, give it a traditional hot rod look.

Sounds like it’s got some poke!

Yeah, I don’t have anything that’s stock! I think it’s from always going to the drags; I need to have a bit of grunt. My ’32 five-window coupe has a 600hp 383ci – that’s a toughie.

I know how to drive it without getting in trouble, but I’m keen on making it handle even better.

How did your FIDDY Model T get its name?

That’s from the previous owner, Dave Wright, who owns the Fiddy Customs workshop in WA. I like the name and the car’s heritage, so I kept it.

What’s next?

I’m still looking at cars! I’m keen on a highboy hot rod, and I recently looked at a couple for sale. I might even sell my Mustang to buy one. But I’m not interested in selling either of my hot rods. And as for FIDDY, I’ll leave that one as is – it’s a bit iconic.

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