New street machine gear: Engine mounts + shelf racking + coil-over kits + batteries

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? We check out some of the latest gear and accessories on the market to get you started


1. Optima batteriesbattery

YOUR car needs a good battery to keep it ticking over, regardless of whether it’s the weekend or daily commuter. The boss won’t be too impressed if you’re late to work on a frosty morning because of something as trivial as low CCA. Having a good battery is just common sense, and Optima offers some of the best. Optima’s batteries are almost 100 per cent pure lead, with heaps of vibration resistance, and they aren’t spillable so you won’t end up with battery acid making a mess of your engine bay. Visit

2. RHS Pro Action heads

engine heads

UPGRADING heads on pushrod donks has been a no-brainer for car fettlers for decades, and it’s still a favourite for the LS fans. RHS now offers a killer new option for the much-loved LS3 with its Pro Action heads. The rectangle-port heads are made from aluminium, featuring .660in-lift dual valve springs for extra rpm, while still using the original architecture so that all factory and aftermarket parts will fit as normal. You can find out more on (07) 3808 1986 or by visiting

3. Techflex Flexo sleeveflexi sleeve

PROTECTING your wiring is pretty important in any build, but using heat shrink or electrical tape can be tedious. Flexo F6 is the solution to protecting your long ends, because you should always wrap it before you smash it. The Flexo sleeve is a braided, semi-rigid casing that curls in on itself with a split down the middle, meaning there’s no need for zip-ties to hold it together, and it makes accessing the wires before and after installation a breeze. It’s available in 0.24in up to 2in diameters, and can be had in 4ft to 20ft lengths. You can find out more at

4. Tuff Mounts bolt-in engine mountsengine mounts

THERE’S a reason you don’t see SUVs in the pages of Street Machine, and it’s a pretty simple one – they’re rubbish. But if you’re going to have one, the Jeep SRT8 or Trackhawk are the go, because V8. Now as you can imagine, big hunking V8s in land yachts of this size are pretty hard on the ol’ engine mounts, so the wizards at Tuff Mounts have released a new pair of bolt-in mounts that’ll withstand just about anything. Now, if you feel so inclined to up the power on your Mopar family carrier, you can do so without worrying about the effects of throwing 700hp of Hemi into the engine bay of your wife’s Jeep. You can find out more on (08) 8374 0011 or

5. B&M gearbox packagegear package

GOT yourself an old-school Chevy V8 donk in need of a new gearbox package? Well B&M’s new Holeshot 2000 automatic transmission package could be just what you’re after. Suitable for both small- and big-block from ’65 right through to ’91, the package includes a TH350 ’box with automatic-shift valvebody, converter, cooler and other goodies. B&M says the package is good for both street and strip use, capable of handling up to 450hp/400ft-lb of tyre-frying freedom. You can find out more on (03) 8710 3000 or

6. Steel shelf rackingrack

HAVING a place to store all your parts and tools is a vital part of any man cave, because a workbench covered in crap every time you want to wrench on something is as annoying as an empty beer fridge. But Hare & Forbes has a great range of storage solutions, including its steel shelf racking. All the shelves are adjustable, just shy of two metres long and can take up to 364kg each. They’re perfect for storing cylinder heads, gearboxes, exhaust systems and just about anything else cluttering up your workshop. You can find out more at

7. Viking front coil-over kitssprings

LONG gone are the days of getting out your blowtorch to cut a few coils off your springs before going for a Saturday-night cruise. The 21st century calls for a slightly more sophisticated solution. Lowering springs are an easy cop-out, but if you want full control of your ride and stance, coil-overs are the way to go. The Castlemaine Rod Shop now stocks Viking front coil-over kits for HD-HG Holdens, with adjustable valve settings and spring heights, meaning you can get your beast riding and looking just how you want it (without breaking your back). You can find out more on (03) 5472 2853 or