New street machine gear: Manifolds + battery + roller lifters + pressure washer + more

We check out some of the latest gear and accessories for your street machine



WITH the market for old resto parts for Aussie classics hotter than pancakes on a Sunday morning, being able to buy new parts off-the-shelf is most welcome. Rare Spares has been satisfying that need for decades, and has recently added even more to its catalogue of HQ Holden fodder, now offering complete centre consoles for HQs. There are four variations to choose from, with either black or silver trim in both auto and manual. Find out more at



High-rise manifolds are an awesome way to increase your ponies, so naturally Holley has come up with a neat solution for the Ford boys. Designed for the ol’ faithful 351 Windsor, the intake bolts straight into place, with the choice of either a 95mm or 105mm GM LS throttlebody for easy EFI retrofitting. The fuel rails are machined for –8 AN fittings so you can flow enough fuel for boost applications, and come standard with EFI Hi-Ram kits. They’re available now from Eagle Auto Parts on (03) 8710 3000 or


There’s nothing worse than jumping into your pride and joy after it’s sat patiently for months, only to be stopped immediately by a dead battery. Having a quality battery isn’t something you should overlook, and the Fullriver HC fits the bill nicely. It has absorbent glass-mat tech for high-output magic, and boasts an ability to crank over big, high-performance engines. You can find out more from R&J Batteries on 1300 769 282 or at


Running your freshly built engine with something trivial like a dud lifter is properly frustrating, especially in big-horsepower applications. But BAM Roller Lifters offers a range of quality lifters, including the BB1 and BB4. The new BB1 design uses DLC-coated steel bushed bearings, preventing the risk of needle roller bearings playing ping-pong inside your donk. The best bit is that they are all hand-built in-house by Brad A Miller, the man behind BAM, so you know you’re getting top stuff. They’re available for old-school Chevs, LS, Holdens, Mopars and Fords. For more info call RaceMAX Direct on (02) 9791 5030 or email [email protected].


Long gone are the days of using the garden hose and a bucket of dishwashing liquid to keep your pride and joy looking the goods. Pressure washers are the way to go, especially if you want something that’ll not only save you a trip to the car wash, but also allow you to blast car parts and just about anything else that needs to be ridded of pesky slime and grime. Ryobi offers a big range of pressure washers, including this 1800W, 2000psi unit. With a five-metre long hose and a variety of attachments, it’s the perfect all-’round washing machine. You can find out more at


There’s not much point putting together a really nice mill if the pulley system looks like it was dragged straight out of the local wreckers for a tenner. Eddie Motorsports’ Raven Series of S-Drive serpentine belt systems are the cure for what ails you, especially if you’re jazzing up an LS. They use CNC-machined billet aluminium brackets and pulley wheels, and can be had in either a black anodised finish or black and matte-black powdercoating. You can choose from either a six- or eight-rib serpentine belt depending on your needs, and the system comes with genuine GM pumps and accessories. They’re available for most LS engines, as well as Ford 289/351 Windsors, 351 Clevos, Mopar B and RB blocks and even Pontiac V8s. You can find out more on 1800 230 3030 or by visiting


With a vast archive of historic images and information at our disposal detailing the most influential Aussie street machines ever, we thought it was high time we compiled them into a book. Street Machine Legends Volume One is the result – a glossy, 144-page hard-cover book containing beautifully rich imagery of 62 of the most iconic cars from the first 20 years of Street Machine. Edited by Telfo and curated by our crack team of SM journos, we tracked down as many of these legends as possible for unseen archive photos and where-are-they-now yarns to re-tell the stories of Australia’s toughest and most influential street machines. You can grab a copy now from, BIG W or most good book stores.