Street Machine August 2023 on sale now!

A flame spitting six-second Capri to a 1200hp K24 Celica and everything in-between

Adam Rogash Ford Capri

The ripping August 2023 instalment of Street Machine is here!

It’s no secret we love a fire-breather on the cover and Kelly Rogash’s mental twin-turbo, 596ci, Drag Challenge-ready Capri is this month’s hero, of course. The car was mandatory viewing at MotorEx earlier this year, and the MPW boys have already dipped into the high 6s on the quarter!

If more-doors and blowers are more your jam, wrap your eyeballs around Ray Elia’s stonking VH Regal. It’s the product of a long-term build, Ray having bought the car from his dad as a one-owner prospect. Highlights include a 10/71-blown fat block Mopar and steamroller 20x15in rear Simmons.

Pat Langdon ditched the power-adders for his delicious retro-vibe HQ Premier, instead opting for a huge 632 cuber spitting out north of 1000hp. Despite the big-litre mill, ‘cage, and all-round radness, Pat’s more than willing to use the Quey as a proper streeter. Yummo!

On the other hand, Jason De Silveria’s modernised his C10 with LSA power and big rolling stock at a killer ride height, all topped off with a sweet body treatment and 21st-century interior styling.

Don’t be fooled by that front end – Catherine ‘Driftcat’ Hewitson’s drift weapon is actually a VL Calais! It’s packed with some pretty trick stuff too, namely a NASCAR mill that screams all the way to 9500rpm. This yarn’s a great look at something a bit different to the usual straight-line streeter.

Legendary drag racer Benny Gatt’s latest project may not be as out–there as some of the other builds in this issue, but it’s no less cool. This neat XT was his dad’s car, and now packs one of his famed Ben Gatt race engines. As far as wholesome, nostalgic restos go, they don’t get much better than this!

Steven Thrift’s stunning cherry black EH also has family connections, coming together in Steve’s shed alongside his dad, wife and kids. Pop the bonnet and you’ll find quintessential Holden V8 power, topped with some fancy EFI for 500hp.

Janet Hough’s Muzzy channels old-school cool in Time Machine, straight out of the 80s!

Events, you say? First up is the mighty Cooly Rocks On, which combines some great rides and cruising with classic rock-and-roll culture on the Gold Coast as the perfect tonic for crappy southern state weather.

Grudge Kings at Sydney Dragway delivered a bit more aggro, in the best way possible. Conditions were ideal and track prep was on-point, making for PBs and wheelstands at every turn.

There’s an awesomely varied collection in the usual columns too, from a chopped and channelled ‘26 Ford coupe in Iron Maiden to a 1000rwhp 2JZ-swapped VL Commodore.

Our Drag Challenge spotlight falls on Brendon De Ruyter’s 1200rwhp, seven-second ’83 Celica. The boxy coupe hides a Honda-sourced turbo K24 and turned heads big-time at DC22/23.

We also deliver Iain Kelly’s part deux on the LS and LT engine families, this time looking at GM’s latest and greatest in bent eights, and Arby’s look at Lee Murray’s wheel-lifting, Procharged iron lion LJ Torrie, all topped off with a gorgeous 411ci Holden V8 bound for a sweet LX hatch.