See TOXICQ, our own Project HQ and much more, this Sunday in Altona, Vic


Now in its fourth year, Showcars Melbourne will be held at the Westgate Indoor Sports Centre in Altona, this Sunday.

Run by paint and panel man (and sometime Mod Street racer) Elvis Barbieri, the event is an awesome grassroots gathering of some of Melbourne’s slickest and toughest street cars.

Elvis puts in a lot of work curating the event, hitting the phones to search out the latest and greatest, thus ensuring there is a high-quality line-up of cars each year.

“We really try to concentrate on quality,” he says. “I’d rather have 300 awesome cars than 1000 average cars.” The majority of the rides are displayed indoors, with last year seeing 440 crammed inside. The outdoor area is smaller, but tends to attract the real street monsters. Last year there were so many that they spilled out into the area reserved for plastic bumper parking.

Elvis runs the awards side of it with a view to giving everyone a fair go, with legendary street machiner Ron Barclay in charge of the judging and the sponsors choosing the Top 10.

Entry is just $5, with kids under 14 free! We’ll be there with our Project HQ on show and a whole range of Street Machine merchandise up for grabs at show special prices. For more info, see