Shannons Summer Classic Car Auction results

Some heavy bidding and interesting results at Shannons' 2023 summer online auction


Shannons’ seasonal timed online classic car auctions are always a great way for us to gauge where the market is sitting at, and the results from their recent 2023 summer auction shows there’s some interesting trends creeping up right now.

Headlining this auction going in was this genuine, but rebodied 1971 Ford Falcon XY GTHO Phase III, primarily because this was the first one to come to auction in a long time with no reserve.

A fairly original ‘HO in Vermillion Fire and carrying 73,000 miles would usually lead most jump up and down at the prospect of a AU$1million-plus car, but the final selling price for the big ‘HO was AU$451,000.

Another orange Falcon in the auction did fetch big numbers, this 2014 FPV GT-F MkII finding a new home at AU$130,000.

It too was offered with no reserve, housing the supercharged Coyota and boasting just 16,000 kilometres of work it was always going to be a high dollar FG.

There was plenty of big bids put on iron lions as well, including this dream machine 1969 HK Monaro GTS 307 that fetched an impressive AU$255,000.

Claimed as a two owner deal and having undergone a AU$300,000 resto, whoever landed this is no doubt one very happy collector.

This mostly original 1976 LX SS hatch is a 308 and four speed car, still wearing the majority of its original Papaya Orange hue and SS interior. It fetched a healthy AU$110,000.

Mopar fans got a look in as well with this super neat 1971 VG Valiant Pacer coupe, which like many was available without a reserve handicap.

As a result the hammer fell on the Mopar at AU$110,000, a good win for the buyer as the car has undergone a AU$55,000 resto in 2010.

It’s not often you see a first-generation Dodge Viper here in Australia, less one at an auction.

This one is a 2000 Series II and copped a conversion to right hook when it landed in the country four years after its birth. It finished the auction with a final sale figure of AU$99,000.

After a massive boom in the last two to three years, the Japanese hero car market is experiencing an interesting shift. On the one hand, this 1994 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R sold for only AU$53,000 after being offered with no reserve, which is well down in the AU$100,000 figures we were seeing six-odd months ago.

The market is still showing signs of strength though, as this 1995 Mazda RX-7 FD SP had the hammer falling at AU$130,000, not far off the record numbers we saw mid last year.

You can view all the results from Shannons Summer auction by follow this link here.